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Comprehensive policy

Performing any service in accordance with customer requirements and needs, while always looking out for environmental protection and the safety and health of all our workers, have always been one of our basic principles.

To this end, we undertake to comply with the Policy developed in this document, which aims to establish the basis for the development and improvement of the Lasarte Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System, guaranteeing compliance with the provisions included in the Manual and Procedures by all members of the company.

Management, together with the heads of the different departments, will define the resources required in terms of the equipment, organization and procedures of the work processes carried out by the company under the Management System to achieve the growth, progress and continuous improvement objectives set by the company.

Lasarte's Management will continuously evaluate the application and effectiveness of these provisions, guaranteeing compliance and improvement of our Integrated Management System.

Integrated Policy Principles

We are committed to conducting our business by ensuring compliance with the following principles on which our Integrated Management Policy is based:

  • Complying with the applicable legal requirements, in addition to any other requirements that might be signed voluntarily.
  • Carrying out activities always taking into account the prevention of pollution and the minimization of environmental impacts where they are carried out, as well as the protection of workers by providing the necessary measures for the prevention of harm and health hazards.
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health hazards by eliminating or mitigating all identified risks.
  • Ensuring the road safety of all stakeholders interacting with transport services.
  • Encourage consultation and participation of all workers.
  • Provide ongoing training and information to all staff in terms of both safety and health and action in the event of emergencies and potential environmental incidents associated with transport activity, including road safety as one of the pillars in the development of awareness-raising measures for personnel.
  • Monitoring the degree of satisfaction of customers, staying in regular contact with them in order to know their expectations and offer the best possible service.
  • Acquiring vehicles that, due to their performance within the company, are considered to be the most suitable for the present and future needs of customers and trying to incorporate the most environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Ensuring good condition of vehicles by carrying out internal inspections through management programmes put in place by the company, independently of mandatory external inspections.
  • Establishing an annual programme of improvement objectives, periodically reviewing their degree of compliance and adopting as many actions as necessary to ensure the continuous evolution of the integrated system.
  • Encouraging cooperation and mutual respect among employees, suppliers and subcontractors, motivating them to adopt the principles of this policy in the course of their work, so that all the objectives set are achieved and customers receive the best possible attention and service from us.
  • Selecting personnel not only on the basis of qualifications and experience, but also on an individual basis, establishing training programmes to raise the level of specific knowledge required for the job.
  • Never tolerating xenophobic or discriminatory behaviour of any kind within the organization.

This policy is implemented through an Integrated Quality Management, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention System based on the standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 39001: 2013.

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