Updates from Lasarte

Highlights of 2014


10 Jan 2023

During the first quarter of the year, we completed the transport of two military aircrafts that were transported by dividing their wings from the airframes. This transport was extremely difficult due to its dimensions and had to be completed going across the centre of Sevilla at night.

We completed 273 transports required to convey the wind turbine tubes from its factory in Burgos to the Port of Ferrol, where they were shipped to Morocco to complete one of the projects in which we are involved.

Numerous transports from different parts of Spain to Ouarzazate (Morocco) were made to complete the construction of a new solar thermal power plant.

Our company carried out self-loading and transport of two huge autoclaves, in which the largest weighted 170 tonnes and was 22 metres long and 6.50 metres in diameter. This work needed to be done at night and sometimes with the assistance of a second tractor unit in order to achieve the necessary thrust.

At the end of the year, we transported a 90 tonnes locomotive from Lleida to Toledo.