Updates from Lasarte

Highlights of 2019


17 Jan 2023

2019 was a very intense year regarding wind energy projects. We had to make tests in vacuum, prepare routes and carry out the transportation of different wind farms both in Spain and Morocco. In addition, it is important to highlight the expansion of Montejo wind farm in Burgos, where there are slopes of more than 15% and whose accesses are extremely difficult, and Midelt wind farm, located in the Atlas Mountain Range (Morocco), which has a wide area that allows the delivery of two complete turbines per week and from different locations.

Our work for the industrial sector also had important milestones, such as a 155 tonnes component that we transported from Maliaño (Cantabria) to Aboño (Asturias) and an Economizer of 100 tonnes from the Port of Santander to León.